1. Modalities for Development of Model Ponds:
    After detailed discussions, it was decided that Chief Engineer Panchayati Raj Public Works (P.R.P.W.) will get the list of ponds to be developed as Model Ponds finalized keeping in view that all the ponds are fresh water ponds, capable of tackling drinking water needs of the cattle and also these are connected or connectable to canals unless other reliable water source is available for filling the same.
  2. Categorization of Ponds:
    The Ponds will be classified in the five categories as under:
    A: Waste Water Ponds;
    B: Cattle Ponds;
    C: Pisciculture Ponds;
    D: Irrigation Ponds ; and
    E: Any other category of Ponds.
  3. Modalities to start Indexing and Geo-tagging of all Ponds:
    Indexing and Geo- tagging of the Ponds
    Combine code of each Pond
    Geo Location with Latitude and Logitude and Actual Picture of Pond
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